About us

At Koi Kids we are on a mission to create clothes for kids that last longer. By focusing on fit, smart details, quality materials and timeless designs. 
We believe that clothes should be able to last over more than one size and when they no longer fit, pass along to siblings or other kids in your extended family. 
By using leftover and sustainable materials, keeping our production closer to us and designing clothes that last longer, we believe we can have a positive impact. We want to create comfy, high quality clothes, made for everyday life.

Behind the brand

Koi Kids Studio is founded and driven by Swedish designer Sofie Andersson. Sofie has studied design in both Firenze and Copenhagen and have had several years of experience within womenswear, working for brands like 2NDDAY and Blanche, before she founded her own kidswear brand. Sofies designs have always been characterized by great quality and comfort, and she aims to create timeless styles that will last and stay relevant season after season. 

The story behind our name

Koi Kids is a tribute to my friend, Line. 
The most honest, determined, caring, pure hearted person, who has always been one of my biggest supporters. That kind of friend you wish everyone would have. 
In February 2021, after battling leukemia, Line passed away. This has been a time of indescribable pain for everyone close to her. 

During her time at the hospital, she painted the most amazing watercolor Koi fishes. And when I decided to achieve my dream with kidswear I knew I wanted Line to be a part of it, as she has always been. 
So from this collection and all the coming, the Koi fish will always be part of the brand. Just as vivid and colorful as my friend. 
Koi Kids Studio will every year donate parts of the profit to organizations battling