Mum inspiration - Meet Stine F. Gosvig

Mum inspiration - Meet Stine F. Gosvig

We got together with Stine F. Gosvig and talked about the changes that come with motherhood and what she thinks is the most important thing to teach her daughter. She also gave us her best advice on kidswear and what quality means to her.

Stine F. Gosvig, 30, mum to Olga, 1 y. Follow her at @stinegosvig and @kystland 

What have you learned about yourself after becoming a mother?

I’m way tougher than I thought! And I’m a lot more sensitive too.

What surprised you the most about motherhood?

How insane the first couple of months just are!?
..And how little I care, if I have vomit up my sleeve in public spaces.

Stine with her daughter Olga

What is the most important thing you want to teach your daughter?

That her opinion and feelings matter. That her gut feeling is right. I hope I will be able to fill her with so much self-esteem, that she’ll never doubt her worth.
…I might end up with a very strong-opined teenager. But it will be worth it!

What have you gotten better at since becoming a mother?

Setting healthy boundaries. And not caring so much about what other people think.

What are your thoughts on quality, what does it mean to you?

To me quality is a combination of good design made to last and produced in a responsible way.

Give us your best advice on creating a wardrobe for your little one

Good basics are essentials. And then I always think in layers when I’m buying clothes - actually for both my daughter and myself. And then choose a colorway, where everything goes together.

How do you take care of your clothes, to make them last?

I try to wash at lowest degree and use wash bags for more sensitive fabrics. Outer layers, like sweatshirts and knit, can often be brushed and hung outside, instead of washing.

Tell us something that makes you happy?

Right now, I’m just enjoying spending time with my daughter - she’s such a fun age. And then nature. I have a need for getting outside everyday.

Something that inspires you right now?

The whole “slow down” movement. I like the thought of not trying to rush through life but living more conscious. It’s good for our mental health and it’s good for the planet.





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