Mum inspiration - Meet Maria Mroxx

Mum inspiration - Meet Maria Mroxx

We got together with Maria Mroxx and talked about the changes that come with motherhood and what she thinks is the most important thing to teach her kids. She also talked about the importance of being transparent with your emotions and creating a safe space for your children. 

Maria Mroxx, 34, mum to Luna, 4 years and Theo 8 months. Photographer and teacher @mariamroxxphotography 


What have you learned about yourself after becoming a mother?

I have truly learned many things about myself since becoming a mother! One of them is showing transparency with my feelings. I believe in that once you show your kids life without filter and perfection they can evolve their confidence and grow steady with that. I have told myself not to hide my sadness for example, cause I want them to always feel safe enough to cry their eyes out in my arms no matter of age or reason. How else can I expect them to show and vent their emotions for me if I’m closing that door for them?!

What surprised you the most about motherhood?

How much joy and love wins over those tough days you have sometimes. Not only parenting but in life. Then your little one comes to you for comfort and cuddle, the anxiety goes away.


What is the most important thing you want to teach your children?

I will continue on the subject of feeling safe in their emotions, expressing those and owning that. Because I believe it’s an important part to build a strong self-esteem. I will try my very best to educate my kids to always be them selves. Also the effect of kindness and love and how you can express that.

What have you gotten better at since becoming a mother?

I imagine that I care less about small things like if our place is clean or a total mess. I also stress less over things I can’t control. I believe that I am more aware of life and I appreciate things now that I didn’t think I would do.


What are your thoughts about quality, what does it mean to you?

I’m thinking sustainable and durable. I want it to last long in both quality and size.

Give us your best advice on creating a wardrobe for your little one

What I do is buying clothes that I really need and I’m thinking functional and neutral. In that way it’s both easy to combine and reuse.

How do you take care of your clothes, to make them last?

I do not wash the clothes after one use if they are still clean. And taking away stains as soon as possible. Trying not to buy to much white clothes haha.

Tell us something that makes you happy and something that inspires you?

I’m truly happy when knowing my family is healthy! I also get happy when I’m around my friends. Their and other peoples life stories inspires me.

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