Mum inspiration -  meet Laura Järvi

Mum inspiration - meet Laura Järvi

Koi Kids stories are finally back with Laura Järvi, 27 y, entrepreneur and mother to Eben ''Ebbe'' now 18 months. 

Laura photographed Koi Kids SS23 campaign and is always an inspiration with her unique style and her characteristic and dreamy photos. 

We got together with Laura and asked her a few questions about motherhood and life right now. Enjoy the interview and don't forget to follow her on @le_____________j

What was the biggest change for you, becoming a mother? 

I think the first year as a mom and life with a new family member was super easy and felt really natural. It was the best year of my life for sure. I’ve been very lucky and grateful for the fact that we were able to spend so much time together as a family. Our home was on Airbnb and we travelled and spent a lot of time at our summer house. For the first year you are usually very much in the baby bubble, and I think the biggest change and also challenges came after that when the other things in life are about to continue again and you have to adapt the new family member to all this. On top of this, at this point a toddler needs less sleep and more activities and guidance daily… At least this was the case in my family.

How would you describe motherhood?

Unconditional love. I can be tired, I can complain but I wouldn’t change a day. There’s nothing better than your kid kissing you good night. Being a mother is the most unselfish, all-encompassing and the hardest non-paying 24 hour job you’ll ever have. It’s definitely an adventure you’ll only understand when experiencing it by yourself. I can see why moms can often feel miserable and left alone. I wish every one of them heard more kind words everyday and could experience the motherhood with as supportive and dedicated partner as my husband. My story as a mom would be very different without him. 

What is the most important thing you want to teach your child?

Teaching them to be the best versions of themselvesI They are best as they are. I try not push them to any direction but support them everyday. Many parents live and try to accomplish their own dreams through their kids and forget their kids are individuals with their own personality and interests. I want them to feel I’m there for them, whatever path they choose. Also, talking. We can’t always understand each others feelings and challenges in life, but I will always show my willigness to understand and talk about everything. I’ve grown in a  culture of not speaking but keep silent in front of problems, and  it’s something that I definitely don’t want to continue doing with my own kids.


What have you gotten better at since becoming a mother? 

Self-reflection. I’ve learned so much about myself, I understand myself so much better and I’ve become so much more aware of the things I want and need to improve in myself. I don’t feel fomo. I am always where I want and supposed to be.


Have your goals and dreams changed since becoming a parent? 

Some of them have. I think my goals and dreams are constantly changing during this journey. I never was a girl who wanted to be this and that when growing up. But after becoming a parent I’ve noticed that I have more short term goals and dreams. I enjoy and dream more about smaller things in life, which I might have taken for granted before. 


How do you create a work and life balance? 

From my latest experience, I have to say I suck at it. I mostly work with my husband which is so much fun and creates such a team spirit when we are working towards our goals together, but it also makes our personal life and work life very much mixed together and sometimes the cocktail can spill over.
It’s a combination of many things why I’ve found myself very burned out this year, but especially during the last year and a half I’ve felt like trying to work full time on my work and be a full time mom. Constantly struggling between a need to be present and the need to be productive. I think i’m trapped in the idea that if you like and are excited about everything you can call work, you shouldn’t get exhausted. It’s been harsh but I’m glad about all the lessons I’ve learned and I’m sure everything will turn out for the better. Long story short, my goal for the near future is to overcome toxic productivity, create better working methods, set clear boundaries and structure in life. I have so much to learn, but that’s life right?


How do you prioritize yourself?

This is a tricky one. I think as a parent you’ll no longer be number one anymore and that’s part of the concept. I can’t believe how much freedom and time I used to have for myself and for my million hobbies.

For me prioritizing myself in motherhood often means accepting messiness and instead of tidying up every corner when my kid goes to sleep. I’d rather do something that I truly enjoy. 


Give us your best advice on creating a wardrobe for your child. 

Go for the oversized fits and basics you can combine! We love love love Koi Kids jogger set. I adore pieces that kind of grow with my kid and I don’t have to shop too often. Seasons are very short here in Scandinavia, and it doesn’t make this job easier. I also love going to thrift stores and I always buy sizes and pieces that I know we will need somewhere in the near future. 



What are you dreaming about right now?

To have an endless summer… My family being healthy, having a resort like vacation where I don’t have to cook or take care of any daily duties.  


What do you do to take care of yourself? 

I’m the kind of person who knows what I should do but often don’t do. For my brain it is super hard to mantain any routines and I get easily distracted and sidetracked from my habits when life happens. Anyhow I always manage to have some kind of foundation. I’ve been vegan for 10 years  and I eat lot of plants everyday and drink at least one smoothie. All kinds of creative projects and doing things with my hands are also big part of my happiness. For the future my goals are to take better care of my mental health, learn how to rest, and internalise that rest is not a luxury. 

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